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Through strategic and sustainable partnerships, we research, design and transfer high value-added, superior technologies for the production of motors, actuators and sensors. From prototype to industrial product, on the basis of a license agreement, you benefit from our outstanding knowledge of electromagnetism and our expertise in technologies applied to mechatronics, to accelerate your projects and gain a competitive edge.

We keep you one step ahead of the competition with more than 250 international patents.

Providing unrivalled

Our expertise is based on an unrivalled alliance of technical and human skills, from a thorough understanding of fundamental equations to perfect mastery of the most complex simulation software. At the forefront of electrified, connected and autonomous mobility, we anticipate and solve your customers’ future challenges, including noise levels, compactness, dynamics, precision, mass production, cost, quality and robustness.

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Your most ambitious technical challenges fuel the driving force behind our teams and we make the most of our resources in taking on these challenges.