Innovation at MMT

Born to

Innovation is our raison d'être.
Our teams grow in an environment that promotes freedom of all forms of thought in a collaborative and iterative process that gives rise to ideas, a different way of doing things or intangibles to create a new context for your market. Our capacity for innovation is ever-focused on the real world, for demanding customers who need mechatronic solutions tailored to their applications, produced in large quantities and able to operate with maximum reliability in tough environments. 

We are a living cell dedicated to innovation, a factory of ideas and solutions to help you grow.

Strong working

We invest in the men and women who bring you their best by fully committing to you. We are at your side thanks to the responsiveness of our teams, the flexibility of our organization, and the co-development of technological solutions. On a daily basis, the innovation process is driven by high levels of interaction between multidisciplinary teams. It feeds on partnerships with strategic players, such as Research Centers, Competitiveness Clusters, Engineering Schools and Universities, which broaden the field of knowledge.

An inspirational

MMT draws its inspiration from where it was born: in Besançon, a university town, capital of watchmaking and European hub for micro-techniques. Here, we cultivate an innovative temperament and an appetite for high technologies. Our researchers, engineers and laboratories, known worldwide for their expertise in very specialized fields, have been  recognized by scientific awards at the highest levels.