Our success

Our great successes take place across the globe, particularly when one of our technologies is used by the majority of car manufacturers. But not only. 3 examples.

An enhanced haptic feedback

Our partner, well-known for the quality of its computer peripherals (e.g. mice), targeted the improvement of a functionality achieved by one of its flagship portfolio products, particularly valued by users: a 2 modes scroll wheel allowing both a precise ratcheting mode as well as a free-spin one for a fastest wheel fly as it can. Initially achieved with a complex electromechanical system, we proposed a contactless electromagnetic alternative so as to cancel frictions and thus reduce wear and noise over the time. Produced by our partner Sonceboz and finally integrated by our customer, this MMT technology contributes to the growing success of this new mouse.

For vehicle aerodynamics

We have developed an extremely compact and flat gear motor solution to improve vehicle aerodynamics, particularly at the front end, while maintaining the ability to cool the engine. It incorporates an electronic control that can easily interface with the electrical architectures of different manufacturers. Produced by our partner Sonceboz, this MMT technology has been implemented by many manufacturers for whom it is decisive in the strategy of reducing vehicle fuel consumption (including in trucks).

With our technology, millions of parts are produced around the world every year.

For electric power steering

We have developed a magnetic sensor solution that provides an effective response to an issue arising from the emergence of electric power steering systems (EPS) on vehicles. These systems integrate a sensor that must be able to measure the torque applied by the driver to provide this information to the power steering motor. This torque measurement is based on a torsion bar that is used to accurately evaluate deformation, independently of the steering wheel position and with the greatest insensitivity to environmental factors: temperature, geometric tolerances, etc. Licensed to several stakeholders around the world, this MMT technology is currently the most widely used.

With our technology, nearly 20 million components a year are produced by our licensees.