Expertise in

Our expertise is in electromagnetism, which, combined with strong multidisciplinary skills such as mechanical engineering, electronics, acoustics and thermal engineering, allows us to offer unique mechatronic solutions. This high-level expertise is constantly fueled by our advances, and we develop specific methods (calculations, measurements and training) to consolidate our skills and test our new ideas.


Magnetic Design
Our know-how is shared between the following competences: magnetic design, multiphysical approach, electronic development, prototyping and test.


We particularly enhance our mechanical skills in the field of gearboxes to offer the most innovative integrations with our engines. These skills are further strengthened by partnerships with universities to deliver innovative solutions tailored to our customers' applications. 

Electronic &
motor control

Our electronics laboratory has high-level skills to develop innovative control strategies, particularly in the field of high currents, high frequencies and motor or actuator control. 


MMT is very active in providing solutions with reduced acoustic emissions. To do so, specific methods and resources have been in place for over a decade, which allows us to accumulate valuable knowledge that forms the bedrock of our innovation.