Ultra fast actuators

For ultra fast valve actuation

illustration: Ultra fast actuators  

Expert in the development of innovative magnetic structures, MMT has developed Ultra fast actuators required for the most demanding applications for automotive (engine control) or industry (mail sorting). Ultra fast actuators are built to find the best trade off between the size, travel time and the energy consumption. The main features of these magnetic structures are:

  •  Designs based on mass-spring principle
  •  Vibrating or bi-stable structures
  •  Polarized or non-polarized solenoid structures
  •  Specific force (torque) profile
  •  Example of ultra fast actuation on a rotary stroke: 2.3 ms for a 40° rotary stroke
  •  Example of ultra fast actuation on a linear stroke: 2.4 ms for a 8 mm stroke
  •  Specific electronics developed (on-demand)
  •  Operational on a large temperature range : -40°C to +150°C
  •  Additional functions available on request (temperature control, fail safe)
  •  Fast displacement actuators are typically suitable for automotive air-intake or valve actuation for camless engine.

More information available on demand or by reading the following paper.


MMT also develops actuators for a constant torque force and for stable positions without current.

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