Direct drive actuators and Torque Motors

Providing fast and precise positioning

MMT actuators and torque motors are developed to provide efficient direct drive actuation features in a given stroke. As an expert in electromagnetism, MMT has developed torque motors and electromagnetic actuators which are adapted to the most demanding environments such as automotive applications.

Based on different magnetic circuit geometries and properties, MMT actuators propose the following main features:

  •  Linear or rotary displacement with contactless / brushless magnetic circuits
  •  Proportional actuators (force or torque is directly proportional to the current applied + Constant force / torque over the stroke for a given current)
  •  Mono- or bi-stable actuators (stable position without current thanks to magnetic force)
  •  High torque / force per volume and supplied Watt structures
  •  Ultrafast displacement (example : 2.5 ms for a 40° stroke) features
  •  Integrated additional functions (i.e. cam or gear reducer, position sensor, return spring, specific electronics)
  •  Patented structures available through Know-how and Patents License agreements

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illustration: Direct drive actuators and Torque Motors