Multi-turn position sensors

Absolute multiturn position sensor with high resolution

illustration: Multi-turn position sensors  

Some applications like steering angle requires an absolute position signal over several turns with a high accuracy. For such requirement, MMT has developed through shaft sensor solutions combining two position signals, one called fine signal for high accuracy given by a first sensor directly mounted on the application shaft and a second one called rough signal where the sensor is placed after a motion transformation to determine in which turn we are. The accuracy of the fine signal can even be improved with the use of a magnet with multipolar sinusoidal magnetization.

For Electric Power Steering applications, MMT has also worked on a smart integration of such multiturn position sensor combined with our torque sensor structure in order to propose a very compact design of Torque and Angle Sensor.

MMT proposes to its customer multiturn position sensor with the following features:

  • Multiturn absolute analog position with high accuracy below ±1° on the automotive temperature range -40°C to 150°C
  • Through shaft design
  • Use of existing Hall ICs
  • Smart integration with our torque sensor structure for a compact Torque and Angle Sensor (Electric Power Steering)
  • Patents pending and Licenses available

More information available on demand


MMT also provides magnetic field angle position sensors, high accuracy position sensors, 2D position sensors and sensors with variable reluctance.


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