8th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications

"Vibrating linear proportional actuators for shaver and hair-clipper applications", Eindhoven, July 2011

LDIA 2011

ATZ Elektronik, June 2011 (English)

"Electric Motor Improves Performance of Turbo and Compressor Charging"

ATZ Elektronik, June 2011

ATZ Elektronik, June 2011 (German)

"Bürstenlose Gleichstrommotoren gegen das Turboloch"

ATZ Elektronik, June 2011

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, June 2011

«Slotless Permanent-Magnet Machines: General Analytical Magnetic Field Calculation»

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

Sensor 2011

"High precision and simple analog through-shaft magnetic sensors for the control of electric drives", Nürnberg, June 2011

Sensor 2011

Magnetics Technology International, Launch Issue

"Magnetic resolver for control of electric drives"

Magnetics Technology International