Know-how and capabilities

From paper study to protype validation

illustration: Know-how and capabilities  

From understanding fundamental equations to mastering highly complex simulation softwares, our know-how is based on a perfect combination of technical skills and human expertise.
Over 80% of our employees are engineers or have PhDs and benefit from a highly specialized knowledge of electromagnetism built up over many years.
Our employees work in an exceptional technological environment and share the same dedication to creativity, innovation and solutions development.

Our know-how is shared between the following competences:

  •  Magnetic design (Fundamental calculations, Analytic models and Finite Element Method (static and dynamic))
  •  Multphysical approach (Mechanics, Thermal analysis, Acoustics, Complete model)
  •  Electronic development (Drive algorithm, Closed-loop control, Power electronics, demo-board)
  •  Prototyping and Test (component machining and prototype assembly, Magnetization, Mesasurement bench)