Magnetic and Hall effect position sensors

Providing accurate position with magnetic field measurement

Increasing importance of motion control has generated a need for accurate and reliable detection of mechanical components. MMT has developed a family of magnetic non-contact position sensors based on the Hall effect principle. According to the choice of the magnetic circuit and associated electronics, we offer the following features:

  •  Generic measurement principle covering all displacement types according to magnet geometry (linear, rotary, multiturn, 2D, very short stroke (torque))
  •  Digitial or analog (ratiometric, PWM, SPI,...) output signal
  •  Magnetic field amplitude or angle measurements
  •  Simple designs (usually one magnet and one IC)
  •  Robust designs validated and mass-produced for automotive and commercial vehicle industries
  •  Use of existing Hall ICs and compatibility with other measurement principle like magneto-resistance (MR)
  •  Patented structures available through Know-how and Patents License agreements

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illustration: Magnetic and Hall effect position sensors