Very high speed motors

Motors for very high rpm range

illustration: Very high speed motors  

MMT is currently investigating very high speed drives especially for air or gas flow management, with a focus on all the specific problems related to the development of motor having revolution speeds in the range of a few tens to a few hundreds of thousands of rpms with output mechanical power of several kWs.

This includes multi-physics modeling including the various types of losses (magnetic, mechanic, aerodynamic...) and specific care about bearing and rotor design, cooling, electronic control...

Prototypes reaching revolution speeds up to 200.000 rpm have already been developed in our laboratory.

More information available on demand or for example by downloading the JCGE 2015 paperIEEE TIE paper, the SAE World Congress 2013 paper and the ATZ article issued in 2011 and 2012.


MMT also developps BLDC motors for continuous drive applications and DC motors for precise positioning applications