Brushless DC motor and stepper motors

Providing accurate position or spedd control in a compact package

There is a need for brushless DC(BLDC) motor solutions capable of bringing values such as longevity in harsh environment, compactness, accurate positioning, precise speed control, low noise...

These requirements for brushless DC motors are often found in high volume application fields, like the automotive industry, where cost is also a major factor.

MMT has developed a portfolio of electric (EC) motor solutions such as brushless DC motors and stepper motors solving these technical challenges while being fully compatible with the most efficient mass production manufacturing processes.

According to the application requirements, we offer the following features :

  •  Mass production compatible concept
  •  Scalable designs enabling a wide range of ouput power
  •  Single, two or three phase designs with all the phases in the same plane
  •  Various control modes : stepping, micro-stepping, Brushless DC(BLDC) motor , BLDC sensorless, sinusoidal
  •  Detent torque cancelled or adjusted through control of torque harmonics
  •  Compact integration with a motion transformation and control electronics
  •  Extensive range of services thanks to MMT technical expertise and business model (motor sizing and design, prototyping and test, electronic control, magnetization, product industrialization, licensing, ...)

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illustration: Brushless DC motor and stepper motors