Bistable actuators

Actuators and Solenoids for stable positions without current

illustration: Bistable actuators  

MMT has developed a complete family of mono-stable, bi-stable or event vibrating actuators (linear or rotary type) providing a force (torque) which is not necessarily proportional to the current applied.

The interaction between the magnetic circuit and the permanent magnet gives stable "parking" positions without current, a the ends of the stroke. ON-OFF systems are for example taking advantage of such structures. The main features of these magnetic structures are:

  •  Linear or rotary actuators
  •  Mono- or bi-stable or vibrating structures
  •  Calibrated detent force (torque)
  •  Proportional mode against a spring
  •  Bi-directional actuation
  •  Very fast actuation on a limited stroke
  •  Stable position without current at ends of the stroke
  •  Dual pin designs available
  •  A simple, robust and compact actuator structure
  •  Operational on a large temperature range : -40°C to +150°C
  •  Compatible with basic electronics
  •  Additional functions available on request


More information available on demand

Moving Magnet also develops actuators providing a constant force and for ultra fast valve actuation.

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