Automotive sensors & actuators for engine management and fuel efficiency

Exhaust gas recirculation, cooling system, waste heat recovery

Reduction of engine emissions and fuel consumption of passenger cars and commercial vehicles are well-known challenges that have become of major point of interest over the last years as a key element for the future of our planet.

This has led to remarkable improvements of engine designs and to the appearance or fast development of new engine control solutions.

As most of them are requiring mechatronic components for motion control, MMT's know-how in the field of actuators, sensors and motors technologies can be applied to several areas as for example :

  • Sensors and actuators for air intake flaps
  • Sensors and actuators for exhaust gas recirculation flaps
  • Engine sensors (camshaft, crankshaft)
  • Actuators for turbochargers (variable geometry, wastegate)
  • Actuators for Variable Valve Control (camshaft phasing, variable lift...)
  • Ultrafast actuators for electric valves and pulse charging flaps
  • Electric pumps (water cooling, fuel, oil...)
  • Vibrating actuators for Active Engine Mounts
  • Pedal position sensors
  • Large through shaft absolute position sensors for control of electric motors dedicated to  electric or hybrid vehicle drives (50...150 mm shaft diameter)
  • ...