Automotive sensors & actuators for steering and transmission control

Helping cars being fuel efficient and fun to drive

Another way of active improvement in fuel consumption is the electrification of the steering assistance and all type of transmissions (Automated Manual, Dual Clutch, Automatic, Continously variable...). Indeed, in these applications, electric systems require to be energized only when they are used and so generate an optimization of the fuel consumption.

Additional features as on-demand configuration of the transmission (sport drive, economic,city ...) and variable level of steering assistance are possible only with these innovative electric solutions.

MMT expertise in the field mecatronics system developments find some opportunities in the applications listed below:

  • Torque and angle steering sensors
  • Brushless motors for electric power steering
  • Transmission actuators for gear selection and engagement (direct drive actuator or brushless DC motor)
  • Neutral position detection for start-stop application
  • Analog gear shift position sensor 1D (neutral detection for start-stop) or 2D (all gears detection)
  • Highly accurate absolute magnetic encoder for electrical machine
  • Electric clutch actuator
  • Dog clutch direct drive actuator for coupling an electrical machine
  • Digital sensor for engagement detection on a dog clutch coupling an electrical machine
  • Magnetizing heads for multitrack magnetic encoders used as gear selection indicators (automatic transmission) and for multipolar ring magnet for rotation speed sensor
  • ...