Magnetic field angle position sensors and rotary sensors

Generating magnetic field angle variation as a linear function of the position

illustration: Magnetic field angle position sensors and rotary sensors  

MMT has developed a complete family of magnetic circuit to generate a complete 360° rotation of the magnetic field as a linear function of a permanent magnet position. In association with the most recent field angle measurement chip based on Hall effect or GMR, these magnetic structures ensure the following performances:

  •  Simple structure (usually ONE magnet and ONE IC)
  •  Non linearity below +/-1% of the full stroke on the automotive -40°C to 150°C temperature range
  •  Measurement stroke : Rotary up to 360°, linear up to 150 mm
  •  Almost no sensitivity to production and application geometrical tolerances
  •  No sensitivity to temperature variation
  •  No magnetic hysteresis
  •  Good robustness against magnetic stray fields
  •  Rotary off-axis, axisymmetrical and linear designs (block, tile, disc or ring magnet shape)
  •  Large measurement gap designs (from 1 to 10mm)
  •  Patents granted and Licenses available

MMT proposes to its customers a complete service for the development of Magnetic Field Angle Position Sensors including sizing of custom position sensor based on patented designs, development of magnetization equipments, optimization of Hall ASIC programming and Licensing agreements for mass production.

More information available on demand

MMT also provides shaft rotary position sensors, multi-turn position sensors, 2D position sensors and variable reluctance sensors


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