Motors for positioning applications

Compact and slim stepper and brushless DC motors for positioning applications

illustration: Motors for positioning applications  

MMT has developed a complete and versatile family of motors, such as BLDC motors, stepper, EC motors which can be easily integrated in a servomotor to cover a wide range of precise positioning applications thanks to the following features :

  •  Mass production compatible concept (one piece stator with spindle windings on bobbins)
  •  Scalable designs enabling a wide range of ouput power
  •  Simple 3 coil design with coils placed either regularly every 120° or on the same side of the motor axis (typically every 60°) for a better integration of the gear reducer first stage
  •  High torque density 6 coil design
  •  Slim and compact designs
  •  Very low detent torque thanks to direct cancellation of second, fourth and sixth torque harmonics
  •  Intrinsic high resolution thanks to the 5 pole pairs rotor design
  •  Various control modes : Brushless DC(BLDC), sensorless Brushless DC(BLDC), stepper, micro-stepping or sinusoidal control modes
  •  Integrated encoder for Brushless DC control mode
  •  Slim smart actuator concept :motor + encoder (optional) + geartrain + integrated control electronics + absolute position sensor on the output shaft (optional)
  •  Association withleadscrew (reversible or not) for linear actuation
  •  Silent operation using micro-stepping mode
  •  Extensive range of services thanks to MMT technical expertise and business model (motor sizing and design, prototyping and test, electronic control, magnetization, product industrialization, licensing, ...)

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