2D position sensors

Providing accurate position of parts with two degrees of freedom

illustration: 2D position sensors  

Some applications require an accurate position control of a moving body with two degrees of freedom (typically one shaft with rotary and linear displacements in automotive transmissions). Standard solutions to know the position of such shafts is the use of two 1D sensors, one on each degree of freedom. Such standard solution involves the use of at least one sensing IC and one magnet for each direction. In order to simplify the sensor for such 2D applications, MMT has developped a real 2D position sensor using only one Hall IC from the latest generation available on the market with measuring the magnetic field  three components and one magnet with a specific magnetization. The position sensor gives two accurate position signals of the shaft in each direction. Such 2D position sensor encompasses the following features:

  • 2D position sensor using only one Hall IC and one magnet
  • Non-linearity ≤ 1.5% of the stroke on each axis over the automotive temperature range -40°C to 150°C
  • Low sensitivity to mechanical tolerances and magnetic stray fields
  • Use of existing Hall IC
  • Patents pending and Licenses available

More information available on demand


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